Our sunglasses are designed to sit well on children’s noses and have only one mission – to protect their fragile eyes from the sun’s rays, and to withstand even their most challenging of adventures.

Designed by our creation studio in Paris, our collections combine technicality with a fashionable, vibrant style plus maximum comfort for all kids.
Staying in place after a leapfrog session is child’s play for these intrepid sunglasses!

Ki ET LA is the ultimate brand for children! Building on our expertise and commitments, Ki ET LA is back in 2022 with new models in fun colours and shapes, still with the same guarantee that they’ll be affordable, environmentally-friendly but more especially that they’ll stand up to everything! Our products are innovative from a technical standpoint (a one-piece unbreakable frame) as well as being high quality with a smart design that appeals to little (and big) kids.

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