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To properly choose your pair of glasses, you can measure with a measuring tape the width of your child’s face between the two temples: this is the temples gap.

Tips: Use our fitting guide to print, cut and test on your child’s face.

Remember that the adjustable cord on the back of our Diabola, Little Kids and OurSon will also allow you to keep the glasses in place.

Sunglasses Size Guide

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ModelGap between 2 temples (mm)Corresponding Age
Diabola, OurS’on, Lion1030 – 1 years
Little Kids, OurS’on, Lion1041 – 2 years
Little Kids, OurS’on, Lion1092 – 4 years
Junior CraZyg-Zag1124 – 6 years
Youth CraZyg-Zag1186 – 9 years
Youth CraZyg-Zag1249 – 12 years

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