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The RoZZ sunglasses are ideal for children between 1 and 4 years old. Their round shape will give your little ones a slightly retro look. Their hinge-free UNBREAKABLE frame is perfect for all activities and, because they’re available in 2 sizes, they’ll fit all faces for kids in this age group. The oversize category-3 lenses ensure optimum protection from sunlight. This category of lenses, less dark but filtering out 100% of UV light, makes them more comfortable for this age group as they explore the world around them.

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These adult-style-inspired sun shades, snazzily redesigned to perfectly fit little ones’ faces, are the must-have ‘fashion’ accessory for kids. As well as being 100% unbreakable and ultra-light, they offer optimal category 3 protection to keep intrepid little eyes safe with style season-in, season-out: beaching, boating, winter-sporting, city-strolling, mountain-trekking…

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  • Unbreakable frame and lenses, perfectly designed for being handled by babies.
  • Zigzag technology means an all-in-one frame.
  • No hinges so no risk of getting caught in the hinges or swallowing small metal parts.
  • New soft, comfortable cord.


  • Category 3 polycarbonate lenses.
  • Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-UVC filter.
  • 3.1 cm-sized (1-2 years old) and 3.5 cm (2-4 years old) lenses for to completely protect children’s eyes.
  • Ki ET LA’s extra: anti-blue-light filter to reduce glare.


  • Ergonomic, flexible, light and soft shades.
  • No pressure on temples or on the nose and no pressing against ears.

Visit our size guide, or download the fitting guide.

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