Baby Sunglasses 0-1 years old


The perfect first sunglasses for your infant. The Diabola frames are incredibly light and adapts to fit babies’ faces as their nose bridge grows. The flexible temple arms don’t press against growing babies’ ears or weigh down on their noses, so babies love wearing them. Our unbreakable sunglasses resist even the tiniest hands.

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Brand new and beautiful! The totally revisited Diabola 2.0 design is THE ideal pair of sunglasses for babies. The round shape and ergonomic design offer a stylish look and great comfort. Their ultra-light frame (only 8 grams) doesn’t squash the ears, or pinch the temple, making your baby comfortable when wearing it. The sunglasses are unbreakable and stand up to every knock and twist.

The unique 2-sizes-in-one design evolves with baby’s nasal bone. In position ‘1’ between 0 and 6 months, they just need to be turned over to put them in position ‘2’ between 6 and 12 months. Their lenses provide maximum UV Category-4 protection from all UV rays.

This design was awarded Top Label Conso Baby and the strategic design prize by Nantes School of Design.

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  • Unbreakable frame and lenses, perfectly designed for being handled by babies.
  • Zigzag technology means an all-in-one frame.
  • No hinges so no risk of getting caught in the hinges or swallowing small metal parts.
  • New soft, comfortable cord.


  • Optimal protection polycarbonate lenses: category 4.
  • Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-UVC filter.
  • 3.2 cm-sized lenses to completely protect children’s eyes.
  • Ki ET LA’s extra: anti-blue-light filter to reduce glare.
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  • Ergonomic, flexible, light and soft shades. No pressure on temples or on the nose and no pressing against ears.
  • 2 sizes in 1 (0 to 6 months in position 1 and 6 to 12 months in position 2)

Visit our size guide, or download the fitting guide.

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Infant Sunglasses Diabola (0-1 years)