Do infants and babies need sunglasses?

Baby’s corneas, lens and fluids in their eyes are much clearer than in adult eyes, harmful UV rays can more easily reach and damage the retina. Some scientific studies have shown that baby’s eyes transmit 70% more UV rays than adult eyes. Hence, without protection, your baby’s eyes faces an increased risk of permanent eye damage. As such, it is important to put on a pair of sunglasses on your baby before heading out.

Sunglasses for kids are especially important in Singapore, where we experience high levels of UV radiation all year round. Singapore’s UV index averages about 7 to 10 on the UV index scale, which is “Very High” on the scale. On a usual day, the UV index reaches “Extreme” ranges around the noon hours. See below for the UV charts from NEA.

average daily max uvi with legends
uvi trend on 19 feb 2018 with legends 1

Therefore, sunglasses for infants, babies and kids are important, especially in sunny Singapore.


What kind of sunglasses should I get for my baby?

It is important that your baby’s sunglasses block 100% of UV rays that may enter their eyes. This will help protect their clear eyes from damage.

It is common knowledge that babies don’t like to wear things on their faces, and will try to pull off their sunglasses. As such, you should get sunglasses that are as light as possible, and super flexible for maximum comfort for your baby. In addition, an elastic strap will help keep the sunglasses on your baby’s face.

In addition, you’ll need a pair of sunglasses that are well-fitted with proper sized temple arms for the sunglasses. This is because babies spend a lot of time lying down, and sunglasses that are not well-fitted will tend to be pushed off the face.

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