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Do babies need sunglasses?

YES! Here’s Why…

It’s a common question from parents: do my babies need sunglasses? And the answer is yes. Sunglasses help to protect your baby’s eyes from exposure to UV. This exposure over time can increase the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye problems later in life.

Babies have Clearer eyes

Your baby’s corneas, lens and fluids in their eyes are much clearer than in adult eyes. Some scientific studies have shown that baby’s eyes transmit 70% more UV rays than adult eyes. As such, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can more easily reach and damage the retina. Hence, your baby’s eyes has an increased risk of permanent eye damage without adequate protection.

In addition, children receive 80% of their lifetime exposure to UV by the time they reach 18 years old. Hence, it is important to start protecting their eyes from young, and develop good habits.

High levels of UV Radiation in Singapore

Sunglasses for kids are especially important in Singapore, where we experience high levels of UV radiation all year round. Singapore’s UV index averages about 7 to 10 on the UV index scale, which is “Very High” on the scale. On a usual day, the UV index reaches “Extreme” ranges around the noon hours. See below for some UV charts from NEA. You can find the live charts here.

average daily max uvi with legends
uvi trend on 19 feb 2018 with legends 1

Weak neck muscles

New born babies usually have weak neck muscles when born, and will remain weak until about 4 months old. Hence, when your baby is exposed to bright daylight in the carseat or the stroller, they are less able to turn away from the bright light.

Therefore, sunglasses for infants, babies and kids are important to prevent permanent UV damage to their eyes, especially in sunny Singapore. You must remember to put on a pair of sunglasses on your babies and children before heading out.

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How to choose a pair of sunglasses for your baby

There are 5 key points that you should be looking for, when choosing a pair of sunglasses for your baby:

Full UV Protection

It is important that your baby’s sunglasses block 100% of UV rays that may enter their eyes. This will help protect their clear eyes from permanent UV damage.

In addition, the lenses should be large enough to cover their eyes. Some fashion sunglasses do not have sufficiently large enough lenses, which would allow light and UV rays to enter your child’s eyes from above and below the lenses.

Ki ET LA’s DIABOLA sunglasses have CAT4 lenses, which offer 100% UV protection. In fact, CAT4 lenses help to filters up to 90% of visible light as well, making it comfortable for your baby’s eyes in the glaring world outside. The lenses are sized correctly to fully protect your child’s eyes entirely when worn on their faces.

Flexible & Comfortable

Everyone knows that babies don’t like to wear things on their faces, and will try to pull off their sunglasses and hats. To try to keep the sunglasses on your child’s face longer, sunglasses with super flexible frames are more comfortable for your baby.

Ki ET LA has designed their sunglasses with thin temple arms that are super flexible. This designs ensures that Ki ET LA’s sunglasses are super comfortable for babies to wear.


In addition, you’ll need a pair of sunglasses that are well-fitted with proper sized temple arms for the sunglasses. This is because babies spend a lot of time lying down on their backs, and sunglasses that are not well-fitted will tend to be pushed off the face.

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Durable materials

Kids are always moving about, and the kids sunglasses need to stand up to their active lifestyle. On top of that, kids love to pull the sunglasses off their faces, and throwing them on the floor. As such, you need to find a pair of baby sunglasses that are durable and impact resistant.

Ki ET LA’s baby sunglasses and kids sunglasses are unbreakable, without screws and hinges. The lenses are made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate. This makes it perfect to protect your children’s eyes with.

kietla durable


Besides not pressing on the child’s temples, the sunglasses should be as lightweight as possible, so as to provide maximum comfort for the child, who will then put it on willingly.

Ki ET LA’s sunglasses weigh as little as 8 grams, about as a few rolls of cotton wool.

kietla lightweight

Straps & Storage Bag

Your child’s sunglasses should come with a strap, which can help secure the sunglasses onto your child. This is especially useful for young kids. In addition, a storage bag will come in handy to keep the sunglasses when not in use.


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