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Anti-UV swimwear for babies n kids

Screech Shorts

These adorably light and comfortable, easy to slip on, Anti-UV swimming shorts are perfect for the beach, perfect for the pool. With its unisex style, its soft, sweet colors and its original patterns, it’s a definite must-have in any boy and girl’s summertime collection. Designed in chemical-free, Anti-UV Oeko-Tex-labeled fabrics, these Screech shorts gently protect little ones’ fragile skin (yet without ever disturbing the fish).

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  • Anti-UV fabric.
  • Optimal UPF 50+ protection.
  • Protects from sunlight even when wet.
  • Please note: Anti-UV swimming panties do not provide effective sun protection for other parts of the body.


  • Soft, light materials.
  • Easy to slip on.
  • Comfortable to wear.
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  • Non-chemical Anti-UV treatment made using dense fiber stitching.
  • Long-lasting Anti-UV protection, even after washing.
  • Oeko-Tex label: Guarantees textiles contain no substances harmful to people or the environment.
  • Reduces the use of sun creams harmful to the seabed.

Anti-UV T-shirt for babies n kids

Screech Shorts – Zigzag Green

SwimmingCool Short ZigzagGreen pack

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